A place to sing.

To any aspiring songwriters out there, or just anyone who feels a creative itch and wants to have fun, let me introduce you to Study Beats. One of the hardest aspects of making music is writing lyrics that fit well with a song. This is especially true if you don’t know how to make music. That’s where Study Beats comes in. With the free version of Study Beats you get 8 tracks that have already been made for you, each from one different genre. With Study Beats Pro you get 80 tracks to write lyrics to. The only thing you have to do is create a song title and write or sing lyrics to the track of your choice. When you decide to record your voice over the backing tracks, you have the choice to use reverb and delay to get the best possible sound and with enough practice I know you’ll be writing fantastic songs in no time.

The Genres to write lyrics to are:

1. Hip Hop

2. Pop

3. Rap

4. Country

5. Rock

6. Acoustic

7. Dance

8. Reggae

9. African

P.S. Headphones are required to record your own songs.

So start being creative today!

Happy Songwriting!

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